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Common-sense Systems In Podiatrist Guidance

No matter what, unless you are a regular racer, no one is going to run a [personal record] on a hot day, Bernardes says. If the temperature is over 80, with humidity of 80 percent or more, she recommends slowing down by 20 seconds per mile. check over here And make sure youre dressed properly for the weather. Many runners subscribe to the rule of wearing clothes for weather 20 degrees above the actual temperature. On race days, many use throwaway layers they can discard once their body heat is up to snuff. Hydration: Early, often Another important consideration as winter turns into summer is to hydrate properly. For those who train early in the day, Bernardes recommends 12 ounces of water with a pinch of sea salt (unless you have issues with browse around here salt) when you wake up, to replenish the salts you lose breathing throughout the night. Too many athletes just drink a ton of water not realizing that they are actually flushing their store of electrolytes (remember, electrolytes are minerals that help to conduct electricity, which your muscles need to fire), Bernardes wrote in an email. If your run is less than six miles, you probably dont need electrolytes.

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