A Topical Overview Of Level-headed Urologist Plans


She this post said she was told at the time that the mistake was no ones fault and Recommended Site that medicine is not an exact science. Sharon Marson, who now lives in New Brunswick, attempted to sue the now-retired Ottawa urologist who diagnosed and treated her, and The Ottawa Hospital. Affidavits were filed and both sides were cross-examined in them, but her lawsuit alleging medical negligence was dismissed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice earlier this year because she waited too long to pursue it. Marsons surgery was in August 2000. For most lawsuits, the claim must be issued within two years. Marson pursued the lawsuit in 2015. She said a medical report commissioned by Veterans Affairs Canada concluded in 2014 that I have been the victim of medical malpractice. Until then, she said, she was not aware there had been malpractice. The case began when Marson underwent a routine medical exam in early 2000 as a condition of her service in the armed forces. Tests done after the exam found a shadow on her right kidney and she was referred to urologist Dr. Carl Leahy. He ordered a series of tests. Based on those, he concluded she had cancer in the right kidney and recommended that the kidney and her ureter be surgically removed, to which she agreed.

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